Just a page where I will reflect on my learning and share future projects!

Let’s see where this adventure heads!

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The Re-creation

Pixel crystals with a distinct blue hue rises from the ground forming a naked structure of a womanly figure. She was taller than an average woman and had medium curled black hair to the shoulder blades. Despite being exposed she remained strong physically and mentally. She was the embodiment of a perfect woman. Around herContinue reading “The Re-creation”

Updated My Page

Just updated some features on my page. Tell me what you think! I would like to hear some opinions about my site, like what can I improve and how can I make it more athletically pleasing. Pink has the link to the homepage. Shirley

Rusty Keys by Yena

Hi, this is Shirley. I would like to introduce my writing partner Yena. This is her first time posting so be nice 🙂

My Blog

Surprise! I have a blog. I have been keeping this blog undercover since I started because I don’t know where I planned to take this blog page. I realized now that the reasons why I made this page. It was to share my story as a growing adult. You can learn a lot about yourselfContinue reading “My Blog”

Long Distance Relationships

I have many long distance relationships. My family and my friends are all far away from me. All these people lived close to me at one point, but the stages of our life started to change. Having a long distance relationship was the only way we could maintain our relationship. The aspects that I chooseContinue reading “Long Distance Relationships”

Living Independently

Living away from home has sparked many challenges for me. As a student I am faced with the challenge of balancing my life. Balance is critical for health and happiness. I am responsible for getting groceries, cleaning the house, looking for support, and protecting myself. However, I am lucky that my parents and my brotherContinue reading “Living Independently”


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